You are currently viewing Students Reflect on their Weldios Journey.

Students Reflect on their Weldios Journey.

Students Reflect on their Weldios Journey.

#MyWeldiosJourney provides an inside look at the breadth and depth of Weldios University Students passion and experiences.

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Q: What would you have told yourself before starting your Weldios journey if you knew what you know now?

EBONINE RAYMOND CHISOM; 200L SOFTWARE ENGINEERING; Loves Technology, Writing, Marketing and Sports.

“If I had known what I know now, I would have told myself the following before embarking on my Weldios journey:

Knowing fully well that Weldios University is a standard University with high academic esteem, I would build on my prior knowledge of sciences and other related courses in order to excel in Weldios University’s ever-competitive science department.

I will also work on my social interaction and communication skills because at Weldios University, I will be interacting with a variety of reputable individuals, and concise interaction skills are required for effective communication.

Knowing fully well that Weldios University is a practical oriented institution, I will make certain that my practical ability in my field of study (Software engineering) is at the highest level possible in order for me to fit in very well to the school’s practical lessons.”

Q: What circumstance or experience from your Weldios journey has surprised you the most?

IBEAKO ESTHER CHISOM; 300L BIOINFOMATICS; SUG PRESIDENT; Loves Planning Events, Politics, Creativity.

“My time at Weldios University has been filled with many surprises.
From where we were (our little start) to where we are now and where we are going.

Our 2022 students week was the most unexpected event in Weldios.
It appeared to be an impossible event at first (planning).
Many people were watching to see how we would carry out our plans because it is a very large event that requires over N2million, but the management of this great institution took it upon themselves to direct the student leaders on what to do to carry out their plans. That collaboration was instrumental in the event’s success.

Over 50 awards of excellence were given out, and the event’s history is still remarkable to this day.”

Q: What are your best experiences in Weldios University?

ABANGWU GRACE, Aka GEE SPICEY; 200L MASS COMMUNICATION; Loves to talk, connect with people, travel, make impact and money.

My favorite experience at Weldios University has been meeting people who share my interests in social media and academics. I’ve made friends both older and younger who have supported my vlogging journey, please do well by subscribing to my YouTube channel.
My participation in lectures and research projects has broadened my knowledge because learning excites me.
For me, the learning environment makes learning comfortable and relaxing. Lecturers are not forgotten because they make learning fun and interesting. I am a proud Weldios University student.

Q: On your Weldios journey, who have been some of the most significant individuals?


“My experience at school has been both enjoyable and educational over the years. Without mentioning names, I’ve met a lot of people, both students and staff, who have made my Weldios journey easier with their support.

I have one who keeps me on my toes with my studies and ensures my mental health is stable, some who are always concerned about my health, and some to whom I can always open up.

I really appreciate them for making the journey through the institution educating and fun.”

Q: What has your Weldios Journey made you sit up to?

OPEMIPO PRAISE AKINOLA; 300L SOFTWARE ENGINEERING; Miss ECOWAS ABUJA 2022 (5th Miss ECOWAS 2022 Finalist) Loves Graphics Designing, Modelling, Coding, and Business.

“I came to school expecting to just read, pass my exams, and get a job.” That subtle conventional naïve mindset, you know. However, I realized that most of my classmates had higher aspirations and some School staff helped push me beyond what I thought were my limits because they saw something in me that I didn’t. I picked up courage and started aspiring big. Today, I am still in school (Final Year) and I am the 5th Miss ECOWAS 2022 finalist (Miss ECOWAS Abuja), I own an online Jewelry store, working really hard to be a great software engineer and I have resumed back my graphics designing skill.

My Weldios Journey is a remarkable one and holistically, I am glad I took the step to school here.”

Q: What would you choose as the true beginning of your Weldios Journey if you had to pick just one?

JOY IKPO; 300L ACCOUNTING; Loves going to the Beach and meeting new friends.

“I started off as a shy student. I’d walk as though I was tip toeing to steal meat from the pot, avoiding people as much as I could. I had continued this way until it was time for French program. The whole class was lively trying to wrap their head around the language and I thought to my self, I said “Joy, why acting so shy? Yes it will take awhile to adapt so behave yourself before people get to notice and laugh at you.” At that instant, it was like a light bulb turned on in my head, I loosened up and made a friend, and since then it has been a blissful experience.

Weldios is a dream come true, I am super happy to be in Weldios University. Weldios to the World!

Q: What has been one of the best moments in your Weldios Journey?

DIVINE GIFT; 300L SOFTWARE ENGINEERING; Loves Coding, and Meeting new friends.

“Weldios University has given me so many good memories in the areas of “Academics” and “Social Life,” but the “Social Life” aspect has captivated me the most.

So far, Weldios University has been able to organize various social activities, but I am most astonished about their “Student Week.” This is the time when the entire faculty of the school comes out in force to participate in various activities, such as (Games, Trivia, Debate, Cultural day etc.)

Kudos to the school management for all their effort concerning the whole event, for making that Dinner night especially a memorable one for my fellow students and I.”

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